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This is how the Program changed your life. If you think that you are now where you are only because of the participation in our Program months or years before, please let us know about it using the simple form or emailing us directly.

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We had two weddings in 2005. We feel responsible for one of them, but our congratulations go out to both couples. We hope to have some in 2006, too!

Penka met Stoyan Zashev (both from Bulgaria) who was an intern with one of our hosts in Pennsylvania in 2003. After a long relationship they married in July, 2005.

We feel responsible for DELAYING Marcin's and Edyta's wedding. There were planning to get married a long time ago. After they graduated in 2003 they decided to participate in our program but as soon as their program finished, they returned home for the ceremony.

Interesting fact: all four above participants trained with the same host......?

2006 starts with a wedding in Alaska! Lyubomir and Kelsey found love in a cold climate.

┴gnes and Krisztian (Hungary, 2006 - left) and another benefit of their internship (right)

Congratulations to Maryna and Dmitry who met on our program and were recently married!