Moving to a new placement

If you are transferring host placement as part of your extended visa program you will have to complete the following paperwork. Remember all transfers MUST be pre-approved by our office first. Failure to do so, can result in cancellation of your program and visa

Address change - the program has to report your new address to the government. There is only 10 days to do so. Let us know what is your new address as soon as you know it. The best way - email us.

We want to know how did you enjoy your training! When you are changing the placement or finishing up your program you receive a form called Student Final Evaluation of Host and Program. If you have not received it, please download it, complete and submit to us. It is important for us and for future participants to hear your opinion about your former host. Please, spare some minutes and complete this form.

Before or shortly after you move, do not forget to report your new address to the post office. They will forward all mail automatically to your new place for free. The easiest way is to do it online here.