Monthly Report

To be completed at the end of each month and submitted by the 5th of the following month

WARNING: Interns with online account in the new TOP online system should submit reports from their dashboard, NOT from this old system.

Please go to to login to your account and complete your report.

We expect your reports to present your situation to us in some details. We will not accept reports that are very brief, with just couple of words in each category. Good reports are very useful to us and they help us to evaluate each host.
As always, type your names as they are in your passport.
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Training done this month (include subject of training and approximate days or percentage of time spent on each):

Skills and methods learned or improved:

Educational events, outside study, OSU or other College reports:

Community and social events and activities:

Your Health (optional):

Problems, requests, suggestions and comments:


Please attach some recent pictures. Try to resize pictures before attaching them. If you attach many, large pictures and your internet connection is not very good, the connection with the server will time out and the report will not be send.

What pictures to send? Those, that have YOU as a subject are usually best.

The Ohio State University and The Ohio Program reserves the right to reproduce and use all images uploaded to the site.

Finally, input your email address so we can reply. You will receive copy of your report for your records!

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