Outbound internships - for American students

The Ohio State University’s TOP (The Ohio Program) program can assist American students of horticulture, agriculture, oenology and turfgrass sciences in organizing internships abroad. This service is not limited to OSU students. Typical internships last from 3 to 12 months.

TOP uses its extensive international partnership network to set up these internships. Via this network placements can be offered in these destination countries:

    • Germany
    • The Netherlands
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • France
    • Denmark

Other destinations can be considered as well. Those countries listed above are our sources of success.

TOPs responsibilities are:

    • Pre-screen and promote applicants to international partner organizations
    • Help preparing required documentation based on the destination country
    • Brief the applicant on procedures and available placements
    • Assist and advise on insurance, travel, visa etc.

The fees vary by the destination country, length of the internship and cost of health insurance. Typically, the following costs should be considered:

    • TOP $350 Service fee
    • Partner organization fees vary, starting from about $250
    • Health insurance, usually $2-$5 per day
    • Cost of travel, $500-$2000 for a round trip flight
    • Visa and work permit, usually $100-$300

Internships are paid but the remuneration varies by country. For example; Germany and The Netherlands have rules concerning non-EU citizens. A US citizen would receive a weekly stipend ($80-$100) plus free room and board. Other countries pay regular wages of $10-$20 per hour. The specific type of your internship depends on your qualifications, education and experience. Our galleries can give you some ideas.

Scholarships are available: Students with confirmed placements abroad are encouraged to apply for scholarships via American Floral Endowment.

Interested students should contact TOP via email and attach a detailed CV.