Testimonials from trainee hosting companies

Please read the following testimonials which we recently started collecting. All of them are original and they were not edited by us.

For privacy purposes we cannot provide full names and addresses of quoted people.

President of a very large horticultural business in Maryland about his trainee from China who is getting ready to leave:

"On a sad note, Hui, is all packed up and leaves tomorrow morning for home. She really was excellent in her performance and such a nice person. I, my wife and the whole company will miss her and remember her forever."

Supervisor of a large pig operation in Ohio about his intern from Brazil:

"Jefferson was a great trainee. He learned so much about pig production. First half he spent training in farrowing department and second mostly in breeding. He excelled in both of them. [We only wish interns] could stay longer!"

The owner of a leading goat dairy farm about general experience with trainees:

"Interns have become such an integral part of our farm and family, that I think it is truly they who are educating us. Their pride in what they learn and contribute here, their enthusiasm and openness to new experiences, brighten our lives while they are here, and never really leave us after they are gone. We can't imagine our farm without them."