International interns for your business

For many business owners the idea of having foreign interns seem to be more trouble than it's worth.

However, there must be something "in it" - most companies who hosted one intern continue to host interns for years. You will quickly discover that the idea of the internship and international exchange in general is very beneficial to both sides: the intern and the host. Our job here, at The Ohio Program, is to make sure that everybody is happy with the experience. We try to match suitable trainee with a host providing the experience the trainee requested.

Most hosts see the following values in hosting interns:

We are constantly searching for host willing to provide worthwhile experience to our ambitious participants from around the world. If you are looking to hire cheap, foreign labor, please looks elsewhere.

YES! I'm interested in providing a hands-on and varied internship experience for horticulture/agriculture students or recent graduates. Please send me more information.

This form is for US companies interested in providing internship experience to foreign interns. If you are interested in coming to the USA for internship, please go to this page instead.

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