Applying to our program

Most our program participants will choose the Inbound Application. American students who wish to train in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia should choose the Outbound Application.

Inbound applicants: please read the guide below. To better visualize the process imagine John as a prospective participant and trace his successful procedure of applying, step-by-step. Please keep in mind that this simplified schedule does not contain information about payments of any fees. The Ohio Program accepts applications any time of year. However, agriculture is very seasonal. The best time to apply is during August-February so your internship can start in January-May. The January-May period is when at least 80% of our internships start.

Guide through the application procedure:

  • John contacts us by phone, email or via web page.
  • We think that John has a chance for a placement, so we ask him for his CV.
  • John’s CV appears adequate and appropriate for our program, so we ask him to apply.
  • John’s application is returned and looks good (all required documents, signatures, at least 2-3 good letters of recommendation, relevant photographs, relevant experience/studies, etc.) and we think we may be able to find a placement that suits John's requirements and abilities.
  • We call or skype-call John to interview him. Don't worry about this, we simply want to get to know you better.
  • According to his “3 choices” we send John’s application to a number of hosts with whom we work.
  • Any host-employer interested in hosting John contacts our office.
  • We contact John, giving him details of his prospective host business. Now John decides if he is interested in this particular host or not. There are many factors determining how many hosts John has to choose from. Sometimes it is difficult to find a good match and we can offer only one prospective host or even none at all.
  • John selects the host, the placement is confirmed. This is usually when the payment takes place. You will get detailed instructions from our office or from our partner abroad about the fees.
  • Our program signs an agreement with the host and we send to John required visa documents. After having received our documents and read our instructions, John is ready to apply for his J1 visa at the nearest U.S. consulate.
  • John has received his visa and now he will organize his travel to Columbus for orientation and then to his host placement (John will have detailed instructions regarding the travel and orientation). In some cases John will travel directly to the host. John notifies us with travel information in details, prior to departing his home country.