See our new, 9 minutes promotional video that will help you understand our program better.

Visit our YouTube channel to see videos from on-site visits, interviews and more. We are also working on another Youtube channel that will be dedicated to turfgrass videos only, here is the link.


Below you can see some of the first videos we produced years ago - in the pre-youtube era. We leave them here for sentimental reasons.

See this excellent video about the turf part of our program. This video is provided by video about The Ohio Program

Alan from Canada talking about his internship at Augusta National GC and the program in general. Alan Augusta Video

Ania and Edyta - participants from Poland. The video is in Polish landscape internship USA

Angus Mahoney, Australia Angus Australia

Kitty training in a public garden in PA. Movie for Hungarians only Botanical garden internship, USA

Simon Doyle, former participant from Ireland who is currently working in Japan former internship participant

Rosa ( El Salvador) taking about her adventure on a dairy farm that also process produced milk. In Spanish. Dairy internship in USA

Jeffrey (UK) about his greenkeeping internship. Jeff UK turfgrass internship USA

Violeta in one of the best greenhouses in the USA. North Carolina. Spanish. Violetta, greenhouse internship USA