Magazine and newspaper articles from former interns

Below you will find testimonials and articles written by participants of The Ohio Program.

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Effects of an International Agricultural and Horticultural Internship on the Career and Personal Development of Young Adults

"Interns evaluate their international agricultural and horticultural internship. Topic include: career and personal development, ability to learn and teach, and quality of life during internship. Findings are associated with intern's: gender, native language (English, non-English), type of placement during internship (agriculture, horticulture), present occupation (agriculture, horticulture, other), present work status (owns own business, works for others), and year of internship (1980-1994)."

- Michael R Chrisman, Fredrick S. Ruland

Turfgrass Management Articles

"The Ohio State University’s Mike O’Keeffe and I have had a long working relationship since he took over the reigns of the school’s international internship program. I’ve lectured to his students on several occasions and had the pleasure of working with many of them in my duties as a tournament agronomist for the PGA Tour. I knew his was a top-notch program and offered the best opportunity for international students to gain exposure and experience in the United States at high-level golf courses [...]..."

- Jon Scott, Vice President of agronomic services for Nicklaus Design


"I consider it a huge honour to have worked at two of golf’s, and the world of sports, greatest venues. It may seem like a long way to go or a huge expense, but what you get from your time far outweighs these factors. I would encourage any young Kiwi greenkeepers thinking about travelling overseas to further their career to consider the USA and The Ohio Program [...]..."

- Guy McCone, Whistling Straits and Pinehurst Resort


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank [...] Mike O'Keeffe of the Ohio State International Internship Program for giving me the opportunity to establish myself in the golf course industry [...]..."

- Brendon Clark, Oakmont Country Club

"Flying in over the Pacific Ocean I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of The Ohio Program. I had been warned that my internship at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania was not going to be a walk in the park..."

- Luke Partridge, Oakmont Country Club

"Penso davvero che molte piu' persone in Italia debbano sperimentare questa esperienza americana legata ai campi da golf"

I really think that many more people in Italy should try an American golf course experience

- Giovanni Zanetti, Farm Links, WCI (article in Italian)

"I reckon this is one of the best things I have ever done in my life, that is how much I am enjoying it"

- Robert Jones, Double Eagle Golf Club.

V Ĉeské republice působí v souĉasné dobĕ šest greenkeeperů, kteři nĕkolik mĕsiců až roků pracovali na amerických golfových hřištich. Jejich cennými praktickými zkušenostmi…

There are 6 greenkeepers working here in the Czech Republic at the moment who spent a couple of months or even years on American golf courses. We asked them about their valuable practical experiences...

- interwiev with multiple past participants, GCNA (article in Czech)

"I would encourage anybody in Australia to make the big step and take up an overseas internship, whether it is through the Ohio program or another scheme. It certainly opened up my eyes to the world of turf management and the experience I gained was priceless"

- Adam Mortimer, Pine Valley Golf Club.

"The amount you learn is far greater than you will ever do in Australia, mainly because they do things on a large scale and with big budgets.(...) In my opinion, you cannot get a better education, see the world and make some great friends along the way"

- Sean Griffin, Coral Ridge Country Club

"The program may give you the opportunity to step foot on some of the world's best golf courses (...). Anything is possible in America. You just have to make sure you work damn hard to achieve it"

- Angus Mahoney, Oakmont Country Club

"I really enjoyed my time at Augusta, I was constantly challenged and always encouraged to share my ideas, opinions and views on ways of working, trust to carry out new jobs and to take on responsibilities was great"

- Wendy O'Brien, Augusta National

“Choosing the Ohio State Program has turned out to be a fantastic decision and the experience and the exposure to the American turf Industry has been of the highest caliber, I will soon be working at the U.S. Open and will see tournament setup at its finest”
“Like I said, I would never believe you if you told me I’d get the chance to be involved in a US Open, but The Ohio State Program has made this all possible”

- Dan Quinn, Robert Trent Jones Golf Club

“The internship opened many new doors to me and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to move on up in the industry”
“My training in the US has, ultimately, had the most profound effect on my career and how I now feel about the industry and where I think it needs to move”.

- Dan Bingle, Crew Soccer Statium LLC and Peoria Sports Complex

Agricultural Articles

"I decided to do my work experience in America, as I always wanted to be a part of a team on a large arable farm in the States"

- Jane Smith, Frahms Farmland

"The experiences and discoveries are in themselves valuable for your future"

- Soren Westergaard on his crop farming experience in the United States. (article in Danish)

Horticultural Articles

"The Ohio State University's Ohio Program helps young horticulture enthusiasts from around the world gain experience in greenhouses, nurseries and retail operations across the US. Read what the program is about and get an inside perspective of our industry from the students"

- Greenhouse Grower magazine. Five interns sharing stories of their internships in the USA via TOP.

"I would highly recommend spending time overseas on an internship. It can be a very rewarding experience as your horticultural knowledge will improve and you meet new people"

- Mark Finnegan, Longwood Gardens

"Non so se si è capito ma questa è un esperienza unica nella vita, basta un minimo de spirito de addattamento alles situatzioni"

“I don’t know if I made it clear but this is a unique opportunity in life, all that’s required is a modicum of adaptability”

- Alberto Achilli, GCC (article in Italian)

Winemaking Articles
"Molti italiani credono che il vino in America sia fatto soltanto in Napa Valley, mentre oggi si trovano realtà di sicuro interesse in quasi ogni stato degli USA. "

"Many Italians believe that wine in America is only made in Napa Valley, whereas wineries are now found in almost every state within the US."

- Gabriella Pearse-Danker, TOP (article in Italian)