The Cultivate (formerly OFA) Experience for TOP participants

Every year we invite our horticultural interns to visit the Cultivate trade show in Columbus. The Cultivate show takes place in July. in 2017 TOP Cultivate experience will start with interns arriving on July 14 and departing on July 19. Ten selected volunteer interns will start earlier, on July 11.



Typical Cultivate program includes:

- Accommodation in Columbus for 4-8 nights
- Transportation in Columbus
- Cultivate entry badge
- Short Course pass that allows interns to join every educational program/session that takes place during the Cultivate
- A few presentation just for TOP participants from the academia and industry leaders
- Fun activities for interns - kayak trips, paintball, trips and tours

The value of this package is well over $1000 for each participants but the cost paid by the interns is just a fraction of that. This is made possibly by the support we receive from the Cultivate, generous sponsoring companies and TOP contribution.

Most of the sponsoring companies are current hosts. We also receive very substantial contributions from companies that do not directly work with our program.

We have had 50-60+ participants joining our Cultivate Experience program every year. It is a fun, social and educational event. I will be sending more information to your inbox in April.

Horticultural interns will find Cultivate information in their orientation folder.

For 2017 we will be selecting 10-12 interns for the volunteer program again. These interns will arrive on July 5 and this additional accommodation will be covered by TOP. They will volunteer at the Convention Center building the exposition. They will work together with other volunteers including faculty and staff from the OSU and industry leaders. Most of the food will be paid as well.


See these galleries from past TOP Cultivate Experience events.




Volunteers Bowling and Dinner night


Friday welcome party at Nyohs

Kayak trip


Columbus Franklin Park Conservatory tour




Syngenta. Introduction to the company. Jeff Cox, President of Syngenta Lawn & Garden: “How can we grow value with the new modern customer?”


Dr. Luis Canas - "How to get the most out of your internship"


Dr. Charlie Hall from Texas A&M University “Career development in Global Horticulture” - workshop


Chadwick Arboretum and OSU Horticulture tour


Trade floor (only a few pictures, sorry!)


Hocking Hill Adventure - Tuesday outdoor activity





Friday welcome party at Nyohs


Saturday fun activities


Kayak float



Sunday educational program


Monday educational program


Tuesday hike and water park


Cultivate 14 video with Paulina and Petra